The Premier League is in danger

The Premier League is in danger

The Premier League is in danger

Why was the contract terminated? Financial or political reasons?

As the Premier League’s domestic TV rights have declined, China has become a hugely important growth market for the Premier League clubs.

The BBTV deal represents a large proportion of the 4 billion pounds that were to be collected between 2019 and 2022 in broadcasting rights abroad, with the support many English clubs are now receiving from Chinese investors and sponsors.

The termination of the contract is somewhat shocking, at a time when the emerging Corona virus pandemic deprived clubs of the hundreds of millions of pounds that clubs were making from ticket sales and commercial revenues. The collapse of this agreement represents another big financial blow.

Reports stated that the collapse of the agreement stemmed from the failure of the Chinese broadcasting service to pay 160 million pounds last March, which led to a legal dispute with the English Premier League.

Despite an offer to extend the deal under new terms, BBTV service feels the product is no longer worth the value of what it initially agreed to pay, amid disrupted schedules and the potential for empty stands.

It is worth noting that this decision comes after the strained relations between China and the United Kingdom due to the British government’s decision to prevent the telecommunications giant Huawei from using the 5G network amid security concerns.

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