The hatred between PSG and Marseille

The hatred between PSG and Marseille
The hatred between PSG and Marseille

The hatred between Paris and Marseille

It is wrong to think that the relationship between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille has only deteriorated in recent years, but the story is long ago.

The reasons for this dislike are:

  1. The competition between the two teams is considered a cultural and intellectual competition between the North and the South represented in the two largest and most important cities in France (Paris in the north and Marseille in the south).
  2. The only two teams in the history of France to win European titles
  3. Marseille fans despise Paris for not achieving the Champions League
  4. Marseille considers Paris with his huge money ruined French football
  5. At the beginning of the nineties, the French canal+ channel bought the Parisian club in order to break the hegemony of Marseille at the time.
  6. The conflict reached its fiercest in the nineties … the great Marseille against Paris, Ray and Waya, and from that time on, the public problems began until now
  7. Marseille won 26 titles, while Paris currently has 41 titles

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