Ronaldo leads Portugal to the top

البرتغالPortugal[2] السويدSweden[0]

Ronaldo, who has won the Ballon d’Or five times, raised his goalscoring tally to 101 goals in 165 matches, entering the closed club for players who reached the 100-goal mark.

Ronaldo formed the centerpiece and the first half occurred, beginning after a shot after a corner by Bruno Fernandes, which was removed by Robin Olsen from the goal line (26). However, the final word was for the second time by goalkeeper Olsen (39).

However, the Juventus striker was on time and entered history through his wide door by scoring his 100th goal from a direct free kick from 25 meters, which Gustav Svensen caused by a mistake on Joao Moutinho and the referee dismissed him for obtaining a yellow card, his second.

Ronaldo kicked off the kick and kicked it with his right foot, a witch from 25 meters to the left of goalkeeper Olsen, (45).

The guest continued his pressures in the second half, and Fernandes almost increased his team’s lead, but the crossbar stood in front of his shot after a cross pass from Guerrero (60).

Ronaldo was not late in scoring his second goal of the evening after a pass from Atletico Madrid striker Joao Felix, converting it to a sudden curled shot with his right foot to land in the net (72).

The Italian Juventus star missed the first match in which Portugal honored its guest star Croatia 4-1, due to an infection in his right toe.

Portugal topped its third group, on goal difference, from France, with six points for each team.

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