RC Lens surprises Paris Saint-Germain

Lance surprises Paris Saint-Germain
Lance surprises Paris Saint-Germain

Lance surprises Paris Saint-Germain

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Paris Saint-Germain began the campaign to defend its title of champion of the French League in football by falling to its host Lance 0-1 Thursday in the second stage, affected by the many absences in its ranks as a result of infection with the emerging Corona virus.

Coach Thomas Tuchel’s team entered the postponed Thursday meeting of the second stage, since he also missed the first stage (against Metz) due to his late season as a result of his historic arrival in the Champions League final, where he lost to Bayern Munich, in an unenviable situation.

The capital club was forced to involve my 18-year-old son, Arno Kalimwindo, and Moroccan-born Qais Ruiz Othello in the front line, as a result of the injury of Brazil’s Neymar, Kilian Mbappe, the Argentines Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi, with the new Corona virus, which also affected the other Argentine midfielder Leandro Paredes, Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas and Brazilian defender Marcinius.

And he defended the den of Saint Germain, Polish goalkeeper Marcin Polka, who is twenty years old, because the new Spanish goalkeeper Sergio Rico was still a player in the ranks of Seville on the original date of the match on August 29 before he deferred in order to give the players of the French capital club a rest Longer after their return from Lisbon after losing the Champions League final on 23 August.

Polka, coming to Saint-Germain in 2019 from Chelsea, did not invest the opportunity he had on Thursday to raise his shares with coach Tuchel, as it was the reason for the loss after he caused the goal scored in the 57th minute.

Saint-Germain was fortunate at the start of the match, as the left-post defeated Polka to block a shot by Cameroonian Ignatius Ghanaago (17).

Despite some attempts, especially via Ruiz Othello and Spaniard Pablo Sarabia, Tuchel’s team seemed unable to reach Jean-Louis Lica’s goal, so that the tie remained the master of the situation until the end of the first half.

Feeling capable of threatening the defending champions, Lance began the second half with force, hoping for the possibility of a victory over the Parisian club.

And he achieved what he wanted in the 57th minute when Polka missed the ball to Italian Marco Verratti, so Ghanaago snatched it and fired it into the net, scoring his first goal with Lance, who joined him this summer from Nice.

The hero looked completely shaken after the goal and almost scored again, but Polka starred in the header of Simon Banza (63).

Then the pace of the match calmed down amid the inability of either side to reach the other’s area with a clear field advantage for St. Germain in the last twenty minutes in search of avoiding a painful defeat four days before the first match at home, which brought him together on Sunday with his opponent and runner-up Marseille, but he was unable to reach Curling.

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