Is Ronaldo surpassed Messi internationally because he faced the weak?

Ronaldo beats Messi

Ronaldo beat Messi

There are some quotes that come out from social networking sites confirming that Ronaldo is internationally superior to Messi because he faced the weak in his football career.

The numbers confirm the opposite

The official international goals against the 40 strongest teams according to the FIFA classification on the day of the match were as follows:

  1. Against the Top 10, Cristiano (10 goals), Messi (4 goals)
  2. Against the Top 20, Cristiano (16 goals), Messi (8 goals)
  3. Against the Top 30, Cristiano (30 goals), Messi (13 goals)
  4. Against the Top 40, Cristiano (35 goals), Messi (19 goals)

After these facts and figures, is it logical to believe these statements?

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