Cccam Server

Cccam Server

CCcam server is something that is developed in recent times and so it’s unknown technology to many people. This technology brings some revolutionary change in enjoying satellite channels over the internet. It’s working system has greater similarity with the functions of Internet server. This article gives a clear idea how a CCcam server functions and what’s the relationship between the CCcam Server and Internet Server.

Many people ask me what is cccam server, not knowing the full power that it brings to your set top boxes. I decided I will write an article about that and explain you in detail how does cccam server work and what do you need to setup one at home. This will help newbies to understand what cccam or newcamd is and what benefits you can get from them. Pros stay tuned, you might learned something here as well.

Cardsharing, card shares, sharing and ‘CS’ are widely used to describe the method of using a paid subscription cards over local network or over the internet. Besically speaking an original, legitimate subscription card i.e. sky uk mounted in a receiver’s slot allows to watch paid tv channels in another box that sits in another room, a different building or even miles away.

Cccam is kind of card sharing protocol that could access the smartcard via local lan network or internet to clear channels that the subscription card allows.

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